God's Word fits together so well that, sometimes, we can read right over a verse and not notice the connections with other parts of the Bible. This is what had happened to me every time I read these verses in Colossians- until, that is, the slow study of a few verses at a time forced me to think through what the words were actually saying. 
The parallels to Genesis were so neat to discover! I knew that Jesus was the New Adam, and that understanding the early accounts of Genesis is critical to a correct understanding of why Jesus had to come at all, why there is suffering in the world, and ultimately, redemption as a whole. But this was new to me. It's so much fun to find new little gems in Scripture!
  "Renewed in knowledge" - the lie of the serpent in the garden of Eden was that by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that they would become like God. Here we have a true promise from God Himself that He is renewing our new man in... knowledge!
 "after the image of its creator" We were created in God's image, and even though that image is marred by sin now, by God's grace, he is restoring the new self to be like Christ (read the first few chapters of Colossians and see how many times the phrase 'in Christ' shows up. It's amazing!)
 "put off"; "put on" In the very beginning of mankind's history with sin, what happened? Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves. And the holy God was merciful in an amazing way and made clothes for them... out of skins. (The first death in a previously perfect world) We ruin everything when we try to take it for ourselves- whether 'it' is knowledge or covering for sin. But GOD, our holy and infinite and just, yet merciful and loving Father, freely gives it to us in a perfect way. Our 'new self' is a gift from Him. 
 "do not lie to one another" What has been the hallmark of sin from the very beginning? The truth of God being exchanged for a lie. Sin came into the world through the father of lies, and we did not (and do not) stand against those lies. When God questioned Adam and Eve, it was time to shift the blame (even to the point of trying to blame God; attempting to defame His character is the biggest lie that can be given). Ever since then, mankind has been marked by a lying tongue and slanderous words- against one another, and against God. 

 The good news is that through Christ, we can reject that old self, with its horrifyingly sinful ways, and put on a new self that is being renewed to be like Christ. 
God declares that we are Chosen. Holy. Beloved. 

 Now let's live like it. 

Compassionate hearts. Kindness. Humility. Meekness. Patience. 

 Do these things characterize your life? This verse was very convicting for me this morning, and I would guess, if we were being honest, that it would be for all of us! 
 Yes, just when I was tempted to be very IMpatient, proud, and unkind, the Lord placed these verses right in front of my eyes. He has a way of bringing to remembrance His truth and principles for living- we just aren't always ready to listen. I'm taking the challenge of listening to Him and swallowing some pride today. How about you? 

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